Communities Will Be Picking Up Trees, Branches

Downed Limbs In Terrace Ice StormNorthwest Iowa — Northwest Iowa communities are planning to take care of trees and limbs that have fallen in the recent ice and snow storm. If you are a city official, email if you’d like your community’s plan added to the list.

  • In Ashton:

Ashton residents should put tree limbs and branches on the side of the road in the ditch and they will be picked up.  The Ashton Tree dump has been closed.  A secondary dump is located east of the tracks by the cement silo.

  • In Boyden:

The City of Boyden has contracted help for the recent storm clean up. Please try and have your limbs and branches on the street as close to the curb as possible by Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

  • In George:

Residents may take their trees and branches and place them on the street in front of their house. The City will pick them up. They emphasize that they must be on the street, and not on the grass please.

  • In Ocheyedan:

The City of Ocheyedan has begun the cleanup efforts for Ocheyedan. Crews are starting with Main Street and will continue to work over the next few days to pick up trees limbs and branches. Residents are asked to put any fallen tree limbs and branches on the road as close to the curb of your property as possible. Please be aware of any tree trimming or tree removal companies that come to your door. Any tree trimming or removal companies are asked to stop at the City Office or contact the City Clerk. Remember, DO NOT prepay for any services! If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call the City Office (712-758-3602) or by calling the City Clerk (712-720-9039). You may also contact the Mayor, City Council, or any City Personnel. The City of Ocheyedan appreciates everyone working together during this cleanup effort. *Also see Sibley/Ocheyedan announcement in the Sibley section.

  • In Rock Rapids:

Both limbs from terrace trees and those from trees on your own property may be placed in the terrace for pick up by city crews. The city does ask for your patience. City crews will be removing trees and branches from terraces on a low-priority basis, which will continue indefinitely until completion. Or, if immediate action is desired, residents may perform cleanup or contract for it, at their own expense. For more information, go to our Lyon County site,

  • In Sanborn:

The Sanborn tree dump is closed, but a temporary site has been set up for your convenience. It is located east of the cement silos behind the elevator. You can enter from Walker Street heading east. The area is marked with 4 green posts and white flags.

  • In Sheldon:

With the recent storm and number of trees and branches that are down, the City of Sheldon will begin a city-wide cleanup as soon as possible for all property owners that place these items along the curb line of the streets. They will probably begin cleanup efforts on Friday, April 12, but do realize a number of property owners will need some time to trim trees ect. The City of Sheldon also asks for your patience and that it may take a couple of weeks and trips for the crews to cover the community. We would please ask that you continue to use extreme caution in cleaning up these areas for possible downed power lines that have not been repaired and additional dangerous trees that could still fall due to snow, ice and wind.

  • In Sibley:

The City of Sibley will begin city-wide tree branch cleanup as soon as possible for all property owners that place these items in the area known as the “parking” or “terrace”. This is the area between the sidewalk and the street, usually planted to grass. Please continue to use extreme caution in cleaning up affected areas.

THIS FRIDAY April 19th the Sibley/Ocheyedan High School student body will be helping the communities of Sibley and Ocheyedan in cleaning up from the devastating ice storm that hit the communities last week. IF any parents or loyal patrons would be willing to help supervise and donate their time and/or bring pickups, trailers, tractors, skid loaders to assist in loading branches and to transport debris to the local dumps—PLEASE contact the Sibley/Ocheyedan High School at (712-754-3601) as school officials will gladly get you on a work list.

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