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Sheldon, Iowa — Some Sheldon businesses have reported receiving email invoices from KIWA Radio, and other Sheldon businesses. 

The issue was brought to our attention Wednesday morning by a Sheldon organization that had received one of these bogus statements. KIWA’s Technology Specialist, Justin Hellinga, says the emails are designed to infect your computer with a virus of some kind. Hellinga says the action of opening the pdf file that is supposedly the invoice, will launch a virus on your computer.

Hellinga says the email aren’t being sent from an email address, but are made to look like they are coming from the radio station. He says before you open any “billing statement” emails that appear to come from KIWA, check the actual email address of the sender. If it is not, you should immediately delete the email WITHOUT OPENING THE ATTACHMENT.

KIWA Office Manager Rachel McDonald reminds people that KIWA’s billing is done only once a month, on or about the 1st, and they always come from either, or McDonald urges you to check and verify that the email is originating from one of those email addresses.

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