UPDATE: Council Approves Members For Crossroads Pavilion Board

Events Center 9Sheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council met Wednesday they approved requests for the purchase of lots in the Trilogy Addition that could result in the construction of more housing in that area. Philip J. Miklo and Seth B. Hellinga were granted the first option and right of refusal on Lot 1, Block 1 in that addition, and this was approved by the Council. They also approved the sale of two additional lots to Miklo and Hellinga with some contingencies.

Later in the meeting, the council went into closed session for discussion of union negotiations. After the closed session, they approved a three-year contract with the police officers’ union as well as the union representing other city employees. Both contracts include a wage increase of 2.75 percent the first year, 2.5 percent the second year and 2.5 percent in the third year. The contracts also include an increase in the employees’ share of the cost of the health care benefits. With the current contract, the employees pay five percent of the cost of this benefit. Under the new contract, that will be increased to ten percent the first year, fifteen percent the second year and twenty percent in the third year.


The Sheldon City Council has given their approval to the mayor’s appointments to the new Crossroads Pavilion Board.  The board members will serve for five-year terms, but the original appointments will serve staggered terms so that only a portion will expire each year.  Kevin Cain and Rob Rozeboom have been appointed for four-year terms, Laura Vande Brake a three-year term, and Marv Van Riesen and Peter Wagner have been appointed to two-year terms.  Zach Sawyer and Pete Hamil will represent the city council on the board.  The board is  charged with a broad range of responsibilities with regard to the operation of the new Crossroads Pavilion Events Center.

At Wednesday’s meeting the council also set Wednesday, March 1st at 4:30 as the time and date of a public hearing on the 2017-2018 budget, and set February 22nd at 1:30 as the time and date for a consultation meeting on a proposed amendment to the city’s Urban Renewal Plan.  That meeting will include other taxing authorities such as the county and school district.  A public hearing on the Urban Renewal Plan amendment will be held March 15th at 4:30.

The council also acted on the sale of lots in the Trilogy Addition, and as the last item on their agenda went into closed session for union negotiations.

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