Council Eyes Funding Options For 16th Street Repair

construction road work pylonSheldon, Iowa — Sixteenth street in Sheldon carries a heavy load of traffic, often including trucks and grain wagons. As a result it is badly in need of repair. The City of Sheldon has been aware of the situation and has made tentative plans for a repair project. Paying for the repairs could become a budget item, but if a grant could be received it would ease the financial burden for the city. At Wednesday’s Council meeting City Manager Scott Wynja explained the possibility of getting funding available from a nine county regional group through the D.O.T. This is the same source that was used to upgrade Country Club Road and East Ninth Street. Wynja reported that last year Sheldon had asked for an $822,000 grant but was turned down. If an application was made and granted this year, the money would not be available until the year 2020. The Council discussed the various possibilities before them. They could do part of the work now and hope they would get a grant for the rest, or just wait to see if Sheldon would receive a positive response for a grant this year. Public Works Director Todd Uhl told the Council that doing patchwork is not practical because of the extensive damage to the road. By consensus the council asked Wynja to apply for the grant and they would decide on a course of action after they get a response to the grant application.

Uhl told the Council that the plan for 16th Street is to remove the seven inches of old concrete on a stretch of 16th Street from Washington Avenue to Iselin Avenue and replace it with nine inches of concrete, and widen the shoulders along that stretch of street wherever possible.

The council also reviewed the results of the Goal Setting Session recently facilitated by Jeff Schott from the University of Iowa Institute of Public Affairs. In his report, Schott echoed his previous comments about the atmosphere of cooperation that exists between the City of Sheldon and the Sheldon Community Development Corporation. Council member Greg Geels also commented on the good working relationship that exists there. The City Staff will develop an “action plan” for accomplishing the goals that have been set. This includes on-going commitments as well as the new Priorities that came out of the goal setting session.

The On-Going Commitments and Obligations are; infrastructure improvements for the City’s sewer system, water supply, street repairs and storm water, continuing the economic development programs, Nuisance Code Enforcement, continued support of housing development, identifying alternative water sources, maintaining the Sheldon Regional Airport, and a plan for loss of future state backfill dollars.

Four new Priorities were agreed upon during the goal setting session. The first three were tied by a vote for the most important. They are; move forward with the Regional Events Center and Community Park, develop a plan to address SCAT staffing issues, consider adoption of franchise fees, and identify a location for affordable housing development.

The City will also work with the SCDC on the priorities they have developed during a similar goal setting session.

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