Council Moving Forward On Sheldon Crossing Trail Plans

Council ChambersSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council has voted to move forward with plans for the City’s Recreational Trail expansion in the new Sheldon Crossing Park. At their meeting Wednesday the Council approved agreement with Beck Engineering of Spirit Lake who will perform engineering services for this project.  The cost for the engineering services is $19,500, half of which will come from the City’s budget for this fiscal year which includes funds designated for this type of purpose.  The other half will come from the Trails Committee funds. It is expected that Beck Engineering will have plans and a construction cost estimate completed sometime in December.  The company’s preliminary estimate for 6900 feet of ten-foot-wide trail is $490,000.  A grant application has been submitted to the Wellmark Foundation that would help with the funding.  That project could be done as a whole or in phases.  It was emphasized that the council vote was only to approve the engineering study.

Don Schultz of 1400 Railroad Avenue spoke during the public comments segment of the Council meeting.  Schultz has expressed his belief that they have a street in front of their home but the City has not treated it as a street.  His comments centered on a complaint that since a building was constructed by Rome Ltd the water runoff has been diverted toward their home.  He said the City has filled in part of it but there still is a problem.  Mayor Tricia Meendering told Schultz that City officials would be happy to arrange a meeting with him where they could discuss his complaints.

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