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Crossroads Pavilion Board Talks Fireworks, Leaky Roof

Sheldon, Iowa — The Board of Directors of the Crossroads Pavilion met Thursday night in regular session at the event center.

Among the items of discussion, according to City Manager Sam Kooiker, were requests to shoot off fireworks during wedding receptions coming up this summer. The Board gave their initial blessing to allowing fireworks displays, but decided to revisit the topic at their next meeting to establish specific rules for the use of fireworks. Once that’s completed, the event center board will take it to the city council for approval.

The Board also discussed Wedding and Package Pricing. Kooiker tells KIWA that it was decided to take a modest increase so that the Crossroads Pavilion’s rates can be lower than other area venues. He says they’re discussing a seven-percent increase, which would begin with bookings in 2020.

The Crossroads Pavilion been in use for nearly two years, and has experienced leaks in the roof since the beginning. Kooiker says Hoogendoorn Construction of Canton, the contractor who built the facility, were in Sheldon last week trying to track down the source of the leak. He says Hoogendoorn believes they have found the issue, and are repairing it. In addition, the contractor has stated that the warranty period for the roof won’t begin until the repairs are completed, and the roof is leak-free.

Finally, the Crossroads Pavilion Board took up the topic of linens, or more accurately the cost of having them laundered after each event at the Pavilion. They have discussed the idea of buying a washer and dryer to be installed in the basement at the Community Services Center, and laundering the linens themselves. That topic will also be discussed at a future meeting.

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