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Crossroads Pavilion Stands Firm with Rental Rates

Sheldon,Iowa — The Sheldon Crossroads Pavilion Board met in regular session on Wednesday, July 12th at 6:00 p.m. in the SCDC Conference Room at the Sheldon Community Services Center. In attendance were Brittany Behrendsen, Pete Hamill, Zach Sawyer, Kevin Cain, Rob Roozeboom, Lora Vande Brake, Marv Van Riesen, Peter Wagner, and Curt Strouth.

Following the approval of the minutes from the last meeting, the Board reviewed the audio-visual system care plans and, after clarifying warranty periods on the various equipment at the Pavilion, determined the issue did not need to be addressed in the first year.

The next item for consideration was waiving the facility’s rental fee in lieu of a minimum bar purchase. After much discussion it was determined that the rental fees would stand as is for the moment and be revisited in six months time. This will allow time for tracking of events as well as operating costs during the first several months of enterprise to be evaluated. If the results of the tracking show that it may be beneficial for the overall operation of the Pavilion to offer some sort of discount with minimum bar purchases for specific organizations, they may be negotiated at that time.

Fire monitoring and maintenance agreements were committed to, as set by the fire marshall, and the electrical upgrades will be completed as specified in late August or early September. Other work at the Pavilion is being completed on schedule and well within the set budget. There are several weddings, as well as other gatherings, that have been booked for 2017 after the Pavilion opens in September.

The Crossroads Pavilion will be open during Sheldon’s Celebration Days on Saturday, September 2nd for the public to tour from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Following that, the Pavilion will act as the starting point for Sanford’s Glow Run, and Behrendsen is working with the SCDC to try and coordinate an outdoor movie at the Pavilion at the conclusion of the Glow Run. In addition to the Celebration Days Event, there will be a Donor Event which will be held on Thursday, September 21st  as a thank you for those who took part in bringing the vision of Sheldon’s Crossroads Pavilion to fruition.

In other business, the Board discussed the need to ensure that the Pavilion is used for a wide variety of events, entertaining such possibilities as a monthly speaker series, concerts, Sheldon Business After 5 hostings, and TED Talks. A subcommittee was formed to follow up with this and will update the Board quarterly on their progress. Along with this, it was determined that there would be a need for community volunteers to help see the Pavilion thrive and generate additional business revenue for Sheldon.



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