DK Plastics Has Seoul

hockey_4Archer, Iowa — An Archer manufacturer that will provide products for the 2018 Seoul Olympic Games has been recognized with the Iowa Farm Bureau’s Renewal Rural Iowa Entrepreneur Award.

DK Plastics founder, Dave DeKok, commonly known in northwest Iowa as “The Castle Beautifier”, says the Farm Bureau award came as a big surprise.

In 1963, DeKok decided to scale back on farming with his dad to pursue a business selling windows.    He says that the home improvement portion of his business is still thriving, but that about 20 years ago he stumbled into the plastics business.

Now, Dave, along with his wife, Barb, and three sons, operate the family business  that has evolved to produce six to seven million pounds of plastic sheeting each year, some of which will be used in the Olympic hockey rink for the 2018 Seoul, South Korea Olympics.  DeKok says he thinks that’s just cool.

DeKok says that some of his guys thought they should find a way to put their company decals on the panels for the Seoul hockey rink, and others thought they should attend the Seoul games to see it in person.  DeKok says he highly doubts that either of those ideas will come to fruition.

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