DNR Prepares For Manure Applicator Training

Date posted - December 31, 2015

liquid manure honeywagon houleNorthwest Iowa —┬áThe Iowa Department of Natural Resources will start training for all Iowa manure applicators in January.

The D-N-R’s Jeff Prier says they have a couple of times set up.

He says they will have a commercial applicator day at county extension offices on January 5th and then from mid-January through February those who work for confinement operations can come in and get their training.

Prier says there were 27-hundred-14 commercial and 23-hundred- 50 confinement site certified applicators in the state this year.

Prier says they are offering something new this year for applicators.

He says the system will remember where they are in watching, and then when they are done they can purchase their license on-line. State law requires certification for manure applicators who handle, transport or apply manure from a confinement facility with more than 500 animals. There is more information on the D-N-R’s website at www.iowadnr.gov/afo.

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