Do Fireworks Lie Ahead for the Crossroads Pavilion?

Sheldon, Iowa – The Crossroads Pavilion Board met in regular session Wednesday, October 11th at 6:00 p.m. in the Sherwood Boardroom at the Crossroads Pavilion Event Center. Present were Brittany Behrendsen, Kevin Cain, Marv Van Riesen, Sean Hutchison, Lora Vande Brake, Peter Wagner, and Tricia Meendering.

Several items were reviewed as old business, including an update on the electrical upgrade, which will be installed the week of October 23rd. With a few events having taken  place the need for additional parking was able to be addressed more realistically. Currently, the facility has 122 parking spaces, with six of those designated as handicapped. An event this past Saturday saw over 1,000 people at the Pavilion and reaffirmed that parking would have to be expanded. An informal proposal estimated the cost of adding 30,000 square feet of concrete at roughly $300,000. After discussing the pros and cons of temporarily using gravel in the Spring until funds could be raised for the expense, it was decided that Wagner would pursue fundraising options to forgo the temporary gravel and install concrete.

Behrendsen gave an update on marketing, stating that FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the Pavilion website were all live. Brochures have been printed and the Pavilion will be featured in the next issue of Brides and Bouquets. Behrendsen stated that while she definitely wants to explore holding a bridal fair in Sheldon, this winter she will be making contacts and attending other bridal fairs to determine what will and will not work at the Pavilion in Sheldon.

New business on the agenda included a request to have a fireworks display at an event in April of 2018. In order for that to take place, both the fire chief and the police chief will have to give their approval since there are many precautions that must be taken. If that occurs, the city council will have to approve the actual request, which can be presented to the city council by the requestor.

Also discussed was the Pavilion’s payment policy. Currently, a 50% deposit is due at the time of booking with the balance due 10 days prior to the event. The board decided to amend this policy slightly for future bookings. No dates will be held until the 50% deposit is received, and the remainder of the contract amount will be due no later than 20 days prior to the date of the event. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the event date and all money paid to that point.

In other business, the subject of the liquor license was addressed. Currently the City of Sheldon holds the liquor license for the Crossroads Pavilion. After researching what other event centers are doing, it was decided that the Pavilion will explore the possibility of having outside vendors submit bids for supplying that service.

The next regular meeting of the Crossroads Pavilion Board is set for Wednesday, November 8th, and will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Sherwood Boardroom at the Crossroads Pavilion Event Center.

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