Over 150 People Come To Show Support Of Sheldon Implement

Date posted - July 24, 2012

Pete Riley (L) & John Van Gorp (R)

Sheldon, Iowa — Over 150 area farmers, businessmen and women, and concerned citizens alike packed the Sheldon Community Services Building  to lend support to Sheldon Implement in the wake of the announcement that John Deere would be pulling the franchise.

To view the meeting’s handout, click on the link: SheldonImpMeetingJuly2012

Pete Riley, son of the late owner Tom Riley explained how the situation unfolded.


John Van Gorp with Sheldon implement says John Deere’s decision is not sales or service related, and has only to do with passing of Tom Riley.

He says they want to pull the dealership this year.


Van Gorp reminded those in attendance that they just finished a new $800,000 shop, and they’d like to continue to use the new facility.

Van Gorp encouraged farmers to tell John Deere corporate that if Sheldon Implement pulls out, the farmers may may “switch colors” — to a different brand rather than take their business out of town.


Van Gorp says that if Sheldon Implement closes, farmers can expect labor rates to go up, the wait time to go up, and quite possibly there would be much slower or maybe no on-the-farm service.

He says he doesn’t think that a farmer’s inconvenience having to go 20 miles down the road would be much of an issue to John Deere.

He also asked, somewhat rhetorically — what is the cost to John Deere to have a dealership in Sheldon?  Van Gorp says Sheldon Implement pays for almost everything including advertising and the money that it takes to get the machinery trucks to come to Sheldon.

Sheldon Chamber and Development director Mark Gaul spoke for a few minutes as well.  He told how important Sheldon Implement is to the community.


Gaul says we have just about all John Deere could ask for.  He says we even have the data that proves that the community is growing faster than state average.

A letter writing campaign has begun.  Sheldon Implement officials held a letter writing clinic during the meeting.

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14 Responses to “Over 150 People Come To Show Support Of Sheldon Implement”

  1. Peter VanGriffin says:

    John Deere’s stock is going to tank in the upcoming quarters as it has started to already. Farmer’s are not going to be buying new equipment this fall or spring. Same will hold true for all the custom chemical applicators out there. The preverbial tightening of belts has started. Without a crop to sell, high prices don’t mean anything. The economic downturn that hasn’t hit us is about to come visiting.

  2. Sonny says:

    If green goes – yellow, blue and red are waiting

  3. B.A. Lindstrom says:

    JD pulled their franchise from a rather large rural implement company here on the Louisiana/Mississippi state line a couple of years ago. Most of the local farmers, cattlemen, contractors and a lot of home owners with a few acres (…and a JD compact and/or small utility unit) are NOT happy about having to get parts and/or service 30-50 miles further down the road. Was in the market for another Green but I wound up going Orange (@ dealer right next door) when I moved up to a larger unit w/cab. Felt like a traitor (…but I tell everybody back home in Iowa that I did it because I’m an ORAB at heart !!!)

  4. Jon says:

    Just because CAT is coming to town dosent mean Deere Company has to run away. What are they afraid of? A lil competiton?? By running of to a town where theres no other ag dealers….Nothing RUNS like a Deere

  5. Jan says:

    I can’t believe that Deere doesn’t care enough about it’s dedicated customers to attend the meeting.Not to mention the dedicated employees,with at least 4 of them with twenty plus years of service to the company.At the least,we all deserve an explanation as to why this is happening.

  6. George says:

    “growing faster than state average” State average must be negative????? Where is Sheldon’s growth?

    • JS says:

      2010 Census Data – Sheldon’s population in 2010 was 5,188 compared with 4,914 in 2000. A majority of rural communities in the state experienced a decline in population over this period. Most of the growth in Iowa came in more suburban areas near Des Moines, Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, and Ames.

  7. Petition form does not tell us if it took our comments successfully.

  8. admin says:

    It did. The system will only tell you if it does not successfully fulfill the request.

  9. John Deere called me back and the phone number she gave me was so fast that I could not understand it after listening to it four times. I called the missed calls number on my phone and got the calling party from John Deere, who said they were calling me back at my request. I told her that I had not requested a call back and complained to her about not being able to understand her as she was speaking too fast. A lot of good that did, to do the petition above, and get called back with them thinking I wanted a call back, and then me complaining about not being able to understand their message.

  10. Trevor says:

    It did alot more than doing NOTHING, Robert. John Deere has said they will personally call back each petitioner to make sure each person has a chance to have their voice heard (and presumably to verfiy that it was a legit petition).

    Thanks to you…and all who have taken the time to submit their thoughts to the corporate office. I think there is a far bigger groundswell than they thought!

  11. Jim says:

    Obviously John Deere isn’t the company that many of the local people think, if they are going to treat the people like this, IMO they are’t worth dealing with in the first place! John Deere has already pulled franchises in much BIGGER cities than Sheldon, and there was little to do with changing John Deere’s Mind, so I would guess that this is a fools errand (pardon the expression) and will not get Sheldon to keep John Deere, Just my opinion, exercising my right of free speech.

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