Egg-Laying Operation Faces Environmental Action Over October Waste Spill

Fish KillHarris, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has requested the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission to refer the case of a Harris egg-laying operation to the Iowa Attorney General’s Office for action.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says that, back in October, a tank that contained egg washing liquid at Sunrise Farms south of Harris in Osceola County was dumped into a corn field and flowed into Stony Creek, where it proceeded downstream, killing fish in an area 18-miles long.  DNR officials say the waste spill killed more than 163-thousand fish, including seven hundred sport fish.

The Iowa Environmental Protection Commission will take up the DNR request Tuesday, March 15th.  If they refer the case to the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, the AG can seek higher penalties than the state environmental agency.

The state will reportedly seek restitution for the fish killed by the waste spill.  The DNR sets the value of those fish at $25,806.

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