Elevated Number Of Fire Calls Continue

Northwest Iowa — An elevated number of fire calls continue in northwest Iowa, due to the ongoing harvest and somewhat dry conditions. While burning bans and red flag warnings were issued near our area, there were none for our area. There were more fire calls than usual, but since the winds had died down some since earlier in the week, the calls were more minor in nature.
Rotating Light FS Wheeler
The Inwood Fire Department was called out about 2:45 PM on Thursday, October 15th to a stubble fire a quarter mile east of Inwood. Fire Chief Mike Knoblock says that the fire only burned stubble in an area that had already been combined, so there was no damage to speak of.

The Hull Fire Department was called out about 4:30 on Thursday, October 15th. Fire Chief Greg Van Roekel says it was a similar situation at that fire call, with only burned stubble and basically no damage. The fire was about a half mile west of Hull on Highway 18.

On Friday morning, at about 11:15 AM, the Primghar Fire Department was called to a report of corn stalks on fire about three and a quarter miles west of Primghar near the Summit Dairy. Fire Chief Gary Lansink says it was assumed to have been started by a combine. He says a neighbor came and fought it with a payloder. He says the fire was in an area only 10 feet by 50 feet. He says no standing corn burned, and firefighters were there less than half an hour.

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