Email Scams Taking Place Again In Area

Sheldon, Iowa — KIWA has heard of a couple of new email scams being perpetrated in the area.

Some businesses have received emails that have supposedly been sent by someone at KIWA Radio. These emails have had an address domain, the, different than KIWA’s email domain. Any emails sent by KIWA will originate from an email address. While we’re not sure whether the bogus emails are a true scam, or if they contain a virus that might be unleashed in your computer when you open the email, our best advice is simply delete the suspicious email without opening it.

In addition, there have been reports of emails being received, purportedly from the Sheldon Chamber & Development Corporation. These emails are a little more difficult to recognize, since they indicate they originate from a valid SCDC email address. However, one of the emails received by KIWA Wednesday morning showed that it came from a former SCDC employee, and sent from an SCDC address. If you receive one of these emails you may want to call the SCDC at 712-324-2813 to verify that it is a legitimate email, BEFORE you open it.

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