Expert: More Recalls Do Not Mean Food Supply Unsafe

Northwest Iowa — It seems like we’ve been hearing about more and more food recalls due to bacteria contamination or food labeling issues.
Renee Sweers
But Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Health and Nutrition specialist Renee Sweers says that doesn’t mean that our food supply is less safe than it used to be.

She says the same type of thing happened with a recent recall of flour.

She says other recalls have to do with mis-labeling of products, or not listing all the ingredients. And with better technology we know that people have more allergies than we were aware of before.

She also says that sometimes people become sick from food not because it was contaminated in the food supply but because it was contaminated after it was opened. She advises to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold and promptly refrigerate any leftovers.

Sweers also teaches a food safety course for restaurant operators called “ServSafe”. For more information about food safety you can call her at (712) 276-2157.

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