Extreme Heat Affects Our Animals, Too

panting dog
Sheldon, Iowa — The extreme heat and humidity we’re experiencing this week is hard on all of us, and while we tend to be aware of how to protect ourselves from the heat, we don’t always think about the needs of our animal friends.

Dr. Sandy Schmith is a veterinarian at Sheldon Veterinarian Medical Center tells us about some ways to protect our furry friends in this weather.

She says the short-nosed breeds of dogs have a harder time handling the heat.

Dr. Schmith talks about the needs of, what she termed as, winter breeds of dogs.

She said there are signs to look for to determine if your dog is getting stressed from the excessive heat.

Dr. Schmith says if your dog shows any of the signs of heat stress, you should keep the animal as cool as possible.

She says that for large farm-type animals, the best advice she can give is to make sure they have shade, along with plenty of water, and a breeze if possible.

Schmith says if you need more information, you can call Sheldon Veterinary Medical Center at 712-324-0175.  If your animal needs emergency treatment, she says they have Vets on-call 24 hours a day.

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