Farmers Need To Sign Forms To Receive Checks

Northwest Iowa — If you’re a farmer, you probably selected either Price Loss Coverage or Agricultural Risk Coverage — that’s PLC or ARC at your FSA office earlier this year. And that choice is good for the rest of this farm bill.
corn field
So perhaps you think you’re done. Well, not quite.

Shane Ellis, a farm management specialist with Iowa State University Extension says you can’t decide to change what program in which you’re participating, but you do have to sign another paper that confirms that you’re “in”.

He says if you haven’t been to your FSA office to sign something since about mid-summer, you probably should check to make sure that’s taken care of.

Ellis says the great majority of farms signed up for the ARC program, and the reason it’s so important to check your sign-up status is that the ARC program participants could stand to receive substantial payments, or lose them if they don’t sign the paperwork.

Ellis says in this case it’s basically a matter of going to your FSA office and signing on the dotted line saying that yes, you want your check.

If you need more information you can contact your local FSA office.

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