FBI Advises High-Profile Suspected Child Molester Committed Suicide In Luverne Last Month

Luverne, Minnesota — The FBI is reporting that a high-profile suspected child molester who taught in several schools, most of them outside of the United States committed suicide last month just north of our area.FBI Logo

They report that 64-year-old William James Vahey killed himself in a Luverne, Minnesota hotel room last month.

The announcement came just two days after a federal judge in Houston said authorities could search one of his thumb drives that allegedly contained images depicting sexual assault on children.

The FBI reports that they think Vahey had molested at least 90 victims and perhaps several more, as he allegedly admitted to molesting children his whole life. They report that the thumb drive contained images of 12-14 year-old boys, asleep or unconscious.

The FBI says Vahey is thought to have taught in schools in Nicaragua, the UK, Venezuela, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Iran, Spain, and Lebanon.

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