Feenstra: Block Water Works Lawsuit

Randy Feenstra 2Hull, Iowa — A northwest Iowa legislator is suggesting that the Iowa legislature attempt to block a lawsuit.

Senator Randy Feentsra from Hull says government entities should not be suing each other because no matter who wins, it’s the taxpayer who loses.

So, the Des Moines Water Works sued these counties, and their drainage districts.

Feenstra says he’s not expressing an opinion about from where the nitrates originated, but rather the bad precedent that is being set.

Feenstra’s critics say they have asked legal scholars for their opinion and they say such a move would not be constitutional as the Des Moines Water Works is asking for enforcement of the Federal Clean Water Act, which is something over which the Iowa Legislature does not have jurisdiction. Feenstra disagrees.

Feenstra says he can’t see how the lawsuit benefits any taxpayer.

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