Fire And Vandalism That Both Killed Thousands Of Dollars-Worth Of Pigs Are Not Related Say Officials

siouxsheriffRock Valley, Iowa — Although there were two cases involving the death of hundreds of pigs last week near Rock Valley, Sioux County Sheriff’s officials are saying they are finding no link between the two.

A hog confinement fire near Rock Valley on Saturday (12/22) caused over $150,000 in damage, both to the structure and in loss of pigs, and was fought by firefighters from three fire departments. About 650 30-pound feeder pigs were lost due to the fire.

Last Wednesday (12/19), nearly $100,000-worth of hogs were destroyed by a vandal or vandals at a hog confinement on Elmwood Avenue, five miles south of Rock Valley, when someone allegedly tampered with the climate control system. About 500 hogs were lost in that incident.

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