Firearms Legislation Introduced In Iowa House

Dwayne AlonsSheldon, Iowa — Firearms legislation at the federal level has been attracting significant attention over the past few weeks, but garnering less attention are a couple of bills that have been introduced at the state level here in Iowa.  One bill, introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives, would make it a crime to sell or transfer ammunition magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition, and, much like the recently enacted New York State law, would go into effect at the moment of the Governor’s signature.  A second bill would require universal background checks on all firearms transfers in Iowa, including those that might be passed down generationally, within a family.

We talked with Representative Dwayne Alons, who says he doesn’t think either bill will get any traction in the Iowa House.

A third bill would give the Natural Resources Commission the authority to regulate the types of ammunition that may be used by hunters.  Alons says he thinks this is another attempt at a ban on lead shot for waterfowl hunters.

Earlier this session, a bill was introduced that would make confidential the names of people who possess Gun Carry Permits and Permits To Purchase.  Alons says that this particular bill is in response to the publishing of a list of permit holders by a New York newspaper.  He says he looks at this as a public safety issue.

Alons is a member of the Iowa House, representing the 4th District in northwest Iowa.

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