Firefighters Respond To Electrical Fire

Matlock, Iowa — There were a few tense moments for a Matlock household on Thursday morning during an electrical incident.
Matlock FD1_A
Matlock Fire Chief Bruce Stegeman says that the fire department was called to 540 Matlock Boulevard about 8:20 AM for what was called an “outlet fire”. Matlock Boulevard is the county blacktop through Matlock.

Stegeman says that when the Matlock Fire Department is paged, the Boyden Fire Department is also paged, so both departments responded to the call. He says they arrived to find that a plug on an electric heater had melted, along with the outlet to which it was connected. He says there was also some smoke in the house and popping and cracking could be heard. The wall above the outlet was hot to the touch.

He says they turned off the main breaker and called in an electrician. Then they used their thermal imaging camera to make sure there was no actual fire in the wall. He says they opened some windows and vented the house with their vent fan.

Stegeman says there was not much damage except for the electric plug, the outlet, and some soot on the wall.

He says firefighters were on scene for a half hour.

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