Food Safety Training Coming Up

Sheldon, Iowa — Have you ever been at a restaurant and wondered if the food had been prepared safely? Or perhaps you’ve been at a hospital and wondered if your food or the food that your loved one is eating had been prepared properly.
broasted chicken
Of course there are rules in place to ensure safe food. We talked to Iowa State University Extension nutrition and health specialist Renee Sweers, who told us about a special training that is required in food service.

She tells us about ServSafe training.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach O’Brien County is offering the food safety training for food service managers on Wednesday, February 10, at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon. Sweers says they do offer the class year-round in Sioux City and a number of times per year in Spencer and Spirit Lake. There’s another class in Sheldon on April 25th, and more may be scheduled. She says they also have ServSafe classes in Spanish available.

To register for the February class at NCC, they ask that you call by February 1st. But for registration purposes or for more information, do not call NCC. Instead call ISU Extension and Outreach- O’Brien County at 712-957-5045.

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