Foreign Candy To Make Christmas “Sweeter” For Four People

Foreign Candy Company PhotoHull, Iowa — Christmas will be a little sweeter this year for four different individuals, due to a big giveaway from the Foreign Candy Company in Hull.

Foreign Candy Company President Peter De Yager says all that’s necessary to win, is to register.

De Yager says one of the prizes is a giant, stuffed Teddy Bear.

He says that so many people have been stopping at the Foerign Candy Company Warehouse Outlet store to have their picture taken with this giant bear, that he fears Santa may feel a little left out this year.

De Yager says the giant stuffed Teddy Bear is only the beginning, however, since Foreign Candy is also giving away other sweet treats.

To register for these huge Christmas gifts stop by the Foreign Candy Company Warehouse Outlet Store in Hull and fill out a registration form.  De Yager says the drawing and announcement of the winners will be held at 10 am on Wednesday, December 23rd.

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