Freedom Rock Finished In Sanborn

Sanborn, Iowa — You may remember we recently featured the new Freedom Rock that at the time was being painted in Sanborn. The Freedom Rock is done now, and we have some pictures of it to share with you.

Every county in Iowa will eventually have a “Freedom Rock.”

The artist, Ray “Bubba” Sorensen II started with a boulder near Greenfield, Iowa and has now decided that there should be a Freedom Rock in every county in Iowa, so he’s making that happen. Historical and patriotic scenes are painted on every visible face of each boulder.

Sorensen says every detail on the O’Brien County Freedom Rock has a history or symbolism. The O’Brien County Freedom Rock is a piece of a 99-county puzzle, and the boulder is also an effort to honor not only the Veterans of O’Brien County, but also all the brave men and women who have fought and are still fighting for freedom.

We talked to one of the people helping with the O’Brien County Freedom Rock, Shannon Rydberg. She tells us what is on each face of the rock.

She says a while back VanderWerff and Associates and a group of veterans from American Legion Conaway Post #318 got on Sorensen’s Freedom Rock schedule. About that time too, VanderWerff was doing a land auction where they found a large boulder, which was purchased and was transported to Sanborn to become the Freedom Rock.

O’Brien County’s Freedom Rock is located at Highway 18 and Main Street in Sanborn in the park near the veterans’ memorial.

Photo credit – Leah Rohwer via Jill Mouw

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