Future State Park Manager Named

Rock Rapids, Iowa — The new manager of what will become a new Iowa State Park was introduced on Wednesday in Rock Rapids.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says that Brianna Martens has been named the new Park Manager for the Iowa Blood Run and Gitchie Manitou State Preserve sites. She was introduced to the public at the Lyon County Annex building in downtown Rock Rapids.

She tells us about it her new position.

Martens tells us what her role will be as the Blood Run and Gitchie Manitou areas transition into a new state park.

She gives us some highlights of her background.

According to Martens, she is planning for future educational or interpretive activities at the site.

At this time, Martens says she will live at Stone State Park near Sioux City and spend time both at that park and in Lyon County. Martens started on November 2nd.

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