Gas Prices Dropping Slowly After Big Jump

Statewide Iowa — Gasoline prices shot up like a rocket last week, but have been floating back down slowly as though there were being held up by a large parachute. The increase in price was blamed on a fire at a refinery, but Iowa Department of Agriculture fuels analyst and northwest Iowa native Harold Hommes, says it wasn’t a long-term issue.ethanol gas nozzle

(as he says)”That was a fairly brief flare up if you will, it was actually a fire at the B-P Whiting refinery. But that put a scare into the wholesale markets,” Hommes says.

That wholesale product is what is sold to retailers that they eventually sell to you.

(as he says)”We went on Monday of last week — an average for your baseline 87 octane E-10 product — we were at that time on one-62 on wholesale prices. By late in the week it had jumped to two-oh-four. Obviously over a 40 cent spike in a matter of four to five days,” Hommes explains. “

But those levels have pretty much retreated, we are back now in the high one-60’s, one-70’s for that same product.” While the wholesale cost drop back, retail gas prices didn’t follow along. They were for example, down three cents a gallon in the central Iowa area.

(as he says)”You know compared to 30 cents over the last few days fall, that’s probably not a corresponding decrease at retail. But, I do think it’s coming, it’s just there’s always a bit of a delay — a lag if you will,” according to Hommes.

There are roughly 48 cents of state and federal taxes added to the wholesale cost of gasoline along with a few cents in transportation costs, which added to the wholesale cost of one-70 a gallon would add up to around to roughly two-dollars-20 cents a gallon. Retailers add in some money for profit, with Casey’s Convenience stores reporting they look for 16-point-nine cents a gallon. That would bring the retail price to two-dollars-37-cents a gallon. The latest fuel survey showed gas averaged two-dollars-70 cents a gallon across the state. Hommes wouldn’t speculate on whether retailers are keeping prices up and enjoying some extra profit.

(as he says)”You know, we’ll see how much longer it goes, I think that the end is near, within one to two weeks and those numbers would start falling off significantly,” Hommes says.

He says the end of summer will put some pressure on gas prices to drop.

(as he says)”We will also be shifting shortly in another two to three weeks to winter blends, which are traditionally cheaper. And that’s going to cause additional pressure at the pump. So, I am pretty confident that in the next week or two that we are going to see additional retracement on those values at retail,” Hommes says.

Gas prices overall this past week were 63 cents lower than last year at this time.

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