Granville Fire & EMS Selling Raffle Tickets To Build New Building

Fire LightbarGranville, IA — Granville Fire and EMS has been selling raffle tickets for several months, hoping to raise funds to build a new fire station. The current station was built in 1966, Fire chief Gregg Penning says the department has really outgrown the building.

Steve Christensen says they worked hard when developing the raffle to find prizes , first prize is a new Ford F150, but the rest of the prize list is just as impressive.

A limited number of tickets have been offered, just 12-hundred, giving donors a 1 in 240 chance of winning, the men say just a few tickets are left. Christensen says there will be an invitational softball tournament and a lot of food and fun.

No plans have been made as to the design or size of the new station, but Chief Penning says what ever they build, will benefit the people they serve.

The drawing will be Saturday afternoon in Granville, tickets are still available from any member of the Granville Fire and EMS department.


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