Grassley Dispels Gun Myths On Senate Floor

grassley-photo-officialNorthwest Iowa — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley took to the floor of the United States Senate Wednesday afternoon to dispel certain myths regarding the gun control debate, and discuss proposed legislation.

In his speech, Grassley took President Barack Obama, members of the media, and others to task for perpetuating what he called “gun control myths”.  Grassley debunked the so-called “gun show loophole” during his speech.  He also criticized the Obama Administration for failing to make their action match their rhetoric on the enforcement of current gun laws, as well as addressing the President’s recommendation that anyone on the “no-fly list” be prevented from owning firearms.  Grassley was flatly critical of that proposal, saying it would strip Americans of their Constitutional rights without due process, or the ability to appeal.

Senator Grassley further chastised the Obama Administration for their condemnation of semi-automatic weapons.  He said, “We should be concerned when this Administration makes proposals on guns that fail to reflect knowledge of even elementary elements of their operation.”

Grassley closed by saying, “The Second Amendment right to bear arms is a fundamental right and any legislative or executive action must start and finish with recognition of this fact.”

The complete text of Senator Grassley’s remarks on the Senate floor can be found here.

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