Handling Invasive Weeds On East Okoboji Tougher This Year

Northwest Iowa — A spokesman with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the treatment of an invasive plant in the Iowa Great Lakes region was a little tougher this year.

The curlyleaf pondweed is treated with an herbicide or cut out of the water. The DNR’s Mike Hawkins says cutting and harvesting the invasive weed was tough as it didn’t reach above the surface on East Okoboji Lake.

Hawkins says the cooler spring probably kept the plant from growing as much as it normally does. He says the curlyleaf pondweed has already died back on East Okoboji Lake and he’s concerned the breakdown could fuel algae blooms on the water.

Hawkins says they treated a little less than the planned 85-acres this year. He says the plant seems to grow differently every year, making it tough for scientists and locals to predict what’s next.

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