Hartley City Council To Meet; Police Chief Hearing Not On Agenda

Law Enforcement Lightbar redHartley, Iowa — The community of Hartley is reeling over the recent firing of its police chief.

Mark Younie was removed from his post on Friday, January 3rd by Hartley Mayor Clayton Pyle. Younie says it was a complete surprise, as the Mayor had previously not addressed any of the issues cited in the termination letter.

The Hartley City Council is meeting in regular session at 5:15 Monday evening, January 13th at Hartley City Hall. However, although Younie has submitted a written hearing request, the topic does not appear on the agenda for the regular meeting.

The council is set to approve regular mayor and council appointments and committees, talk about zoning and subdivisions, and other regular business. They will also consider the approval of Jordan Kerr as interim police chief.

The agenda also includes a time for public comments and announcements, but it’s not known how much time will be allotted for that purpose.

Checking Hartley city code, they mayor is the chief executive officer of the City and presiding officer of the Council, and is to supervise all departments of the City, give direction to department heads concerning the functions of the departments, and have the power to examine all functions of the municipal departments, their records and to call for special reports from department heads at any time. The mayor is also responsible for appointing the police chief.

KIWA has attempted to contact Hartley Mayor Clayton Pyle for comment, but our efforts have, thus far, been unsuccessful.

KIWA’s Tom Traughber is covering the meeting and will provide a report.

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