Harvest Season Increases Traffic Hazards

combine JDNorthwest Iowa — Harvest season is beginning, and with it comes traffic hazards that we don’t see at other times of the year, namely, slow moving farm implements on the roadways.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz says that if you haven’t seen farm implements on the road yet this fall, you soon will.  He says that vehicle drivers and implement operators share responsibility for avoiding collisions.

Kurtz talked about some of the requirements for implement operators.

The Trooper also has advice for motor vehicle operators.

He says that, as implements get bigger they also become harder to pass safely.

And of course, slow moving vehicles aren’t the only harvest time traffic hazard.  As the corn comes out of the field more deer will be on the move, increasing the frequency of car/deer accidents.  So please drive with care this harvest season.

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