Heat Wave Prompts Sibley Hospital Officials To Open Facility To Those Needing A Break From The Heat

thermometer on tree 101 degrees FSibley, Iowa — The heat is prompting at least one area hospital to open their air conditioned facility to those who may not have air conditioning or for whatever reason need a break from the heat.

Administrators of the Osceola Community Hospital in Sibley advise that since the local area is currently under a heat advisory that has been extended through Saturday, they are opening their doors to the public. Osceola Community Hospital CEO Janet Dykstra explains.

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Osceola Community Hospital Director of Nursing, Julie Schroder says that the hot and humid conditions will create a heightened risk of heat-related stress and illness, especially for the young, the elderly and those without air conditioning.

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Schroeder says anyone spending time outdoors should be alert to the signs of heat exhaustion as well.

If you do not have access to air conditioning or a cool place and need assistance, you are invited to call Osceola Community Hospital at 712-754-2574. They say the hospital will be available for anyone who needs it 24/7

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