Heidi Brown Talks Hotel/Motel Tax Increase

MoneySheldon, Iowa — When Sheldon voters go to the polls November 3rd, they’ll be asked to approve an  increase in the City’s Hotel/Motel Tax from the current rate of 5% to the maximum allowable 7%.

Heidi Brown is the Chair of the Sheldon Marketing Committee, the group that allocates the revenues from the City’s Hotel/Motel Tax, and she says the beauty of this tax is that, while the citizens of Sheldon must approve the increase, they’re not the ones who will be paying the increased rate.

She says that the Code of Iowa sets out criteria for how Hotel/Motel Tax monies can be spent.

Brown says her hope is that the additional monies could be earmarked for the Parks & Rec Fund, so that it can be used for the needs of that department.

She says that last year, Sheldon’s Hotel/Motel Tax generated about $111,000 in revenues, and if the proposed tax increase passes, the additional 2% could account for an additional $40,000 or more in revenues to the City of Sheldon, and all without raising taxes on Sheldon residents.

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