Help is Available for Navigating the Health Care Maze

medical health caduceus_sxcSheldon, Iowa — Owners and operators of small businesses are not on their own when they’re making decisions on health insurance for themselves and their employees.  That’s one of the main points emphasized during a seminar concerning the Affordable Care Act, also called “Obamacare”, at the Holiday Inn Express in Sheldon Thursday.  Ron Rensink, President of Perspective Insurance who sponsored the seminar, introduced Jason Johannsen and Jessica Billiet of Mutual Med who presented information for the business people gathered at the seminar.  Mutual Med is a broker navigator, one of three or four organizations who have developed direct access to the health insurance exchanges.   These may be accessed through the Perspective Insurance website or at one of their offices with the help of their staff.

Johannsen said small businesses could also be eligible for Health Care Tax Credits.  Their health care insurance agent and the person who prepares their income tax forms should be able to help them in this matter.

In her presentation, Jessica Billiet displayed an example of the way employers could get comparison information to help in their group health plan decisions.  One of the  points she brought out is that now employees in the group may design a plan to suit their unique needs with the use of supplements.  Not all employees need to have the same plan.  It was also pointed out that under the new Affordable Care Act, the health history of an applicant is no longer taken into consideration

Later in the day an open house was held where individuals could ask questions about how Obamacare will affect them.  They also could get information on how to access the health plans without going directly to the government website which has not been reliable.

Perspective Insurance stressed that they have been working on this for many months, and have people in their offices who are ready to assist individuals and business by answering their questions as well as helping them make decisions on their health care plan.

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