Here Are The Cost Estimates & Individual Property Assessment Estimates For Sheldon’s Downtown Infrastructure Project

streetscape_afterKIWA has obtained, from McClure Engineering, assessment estimates, plat and estimated cost figures for the proposed Sheldon Downtown Infrastructure Project.

The engineer’s estimate of probable costs for the project total just over 1 and a half million dollars, with the net cost after assessments of just over 1 and a quarter million dollars.  To see the complete engineer’s figures, click here.

The engineers have also provided the Preliminary Assessment Plat and Schedule, broken down by address and property owner, which can be viewed by clicking here.  (NOTE:  This is a large file and may take several seconds to load.)

The Sheldon City Council will hold a public hearing on the project on April 17th.  In addition, the Council has discussed holding a public meeting on the issue prior to the public hearing.  Stay tuned to KIWA Radio fore more information as the date draws near.

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