Highway 18 Improvement/Conversion To 3-Lane Through Sheldon Continues

Highway 18 Construction August 2013Sheldon, Iowa — Work and progress continues on Sheldon’s Highway 18 project.

City manager Scott Wynja tells us that crews continue to work on the storm sewer improvements in the south ditch of Highway 18 and have started this past week on the shoulder removals on the north section.

The plan is to widen the concrete to the north to match with the section that currently travels from 18th Avenue past Hy-Vee to about 24th Avenue. This work will continue all the way east to the Highway 60 Expressway. They will eventually convert that portion of the road into a 3-lane cross-section as well.

Wynja says there will also be additional improvements at the intersection of Highway 18 and Country Club Road, which will also be converted to a 3-lane cross-section. After the widening portion of the project is complete, they will do a complete overlay of the asphalt portions of the old roadway through the entire Highway 18 corridor.

Wynja says the city asks people to use extreme caution in these areas due to the amount of work taking place and changes in traffic patterns.

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