Hospital Board Seeks Community Input

Rock Rapids, Iowa — Those planning a new hospital in Rock Rapids say they need some information.

The owner of the current hospital, which is leased to Sanford Health, is the Merrill Pioneer Community Hospital (MPCH) Association. In January of this year, the association and Avera Health jointly announced that Avera will lease the operations of the Rock Rapids community hospital and clinics beginning in May, 2019.

Avera and MPCH are planning a new hospital and clinic to be built in southwest Rock Rapids. The plan is for the new building to be available by the time Avera takes over.

The MPCH Board of Trustees is conducting a fundraising feasibility study to determine potential financial support and to gain understanding of public opinion for the proposed new hospital and clinic. The Board of Trustees invites residents of Lyon County and nearby Minnesota communities to participate by completing an online survey.

The survey is available at It will provide everyone throughout the region an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions with the board of trustees. The online survey will be available until October 12, 2016.

James Vander Woude, president of the MPCH Board of Trustees says that the purpose of this study is to gather valuable feedback from people throughout Lyon County, and the bordering communities in Minnesota, so that the board can have a clear understanding regarding potential financial support for the proposed new Merrill Pioneer Community Hospital and clinic in Rock Rapids.

Vander Woude tells us about the funding picture for the new facility.

Lukas Partners, a fund development firm from Omaha, will conduct the fundraising feasibility study.

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