Huckabee Visits Sheldon, Sibley

Huckabee in SheldonSheldon, Iowa — Former Arkansas Governor, and current Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee was in the KIWA listening area today, making stops at Sheldon and Sibley.

A standing room only crowd greeted Huckabee during his “Huckabee Huddle” appearance at Prairie Queen Bakery & Restaurant in Sheldon this noon, and after going around the room shaking hands and meeting people, Huckabee spoke for close to an hour, talking about various issues and taking questions from those gathered.

One of the items Huckabee talked about was the recent nuclear weapons deal with Iran.  Huckabee called that agreement a “terrible deal”.

Huckabee said that many of our American soldiers killed and wounded in the middle east have been facing enemies using munitions furnished by Iran.

Huckabee also talked about the issue of illegal immigration.  He said that the solution to the problem needs to begin by securing the border.  And while many have said that the United States can’t build a fence long enough to stretch along the entire southern border, Huckabee says that we not only can, but we must.

Huckabee’s Sheldon stop was sandwiched between a visit to Spencer earlier this morning, and a stop in Sibley this afternoon.

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