Drone Operators….Know The Rules

Sheldon, Iowa — In recent days we’ve heard stories about late night drone flights in Sheldon, including an incident we’ve been told involved a drone following a Sheldon police officer, coming as close to him as about 12-feet. Sheldon police tell us they’re investigating the incident, but gave no further details.

Several northwest Iowans probably acquired drones during the Christmas season, so we talked to Lyle Vust, the Fixed Base Operator for the Sheldon Regional Airport to learn more about what is required of drone pilots.

Vust told KIWA that drones fall under the control of the Federal Aviation Administration, which he says, controls all airspace from just above the ground on up. Vust told us about some of the rules for flying drones.

Vust also points out the only time drones are allowed to fly over people.

He says all drones must be registered with the FAA before they can be flown.

Vust says there is an area around allĀ  airports that it a “no-fly-zone” for drones, and requires drone pilots to advise the airport before flying the craft.

All of the rules set by the FAA are designed to protect aircraft from colliding with a drone, a scenario that Vust describes as potentially “catastrophic.”

Vust says a collision between a drone and an aircraft could have a potentially deadly outcome.

For more information, or to register your drone, visit the FAA Drone Zone website by CLICKING HERE.

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