Investigation Into Preschool Allegations Underway

Rock Rapids, Iowa — An investigation is underway at Central Lyon Elementary School after allegations that preschoolers were being mistreated.
Central Lyon Superintendent David Ackerman recently sent a letter to parents of 4-year-old preschool students.

In the letter, he says the administration is aware that there are concerns that children may have been mistreated in the classroom. He tells parents that they are actively working to address all possible concerns.

Ackerman says that out of an abundance of caution, they have interviewed all staff working in the classroom and they have reached out to others for information. So far, Ackerman says administrators are not aware of any information to indicate that any student has been harmed in any way.

However, Ackerman says that as a precaution, they have asked the staff member who is the subject of the matter to take administrative leave with pay during this time. He emphasizes that this is not a suggestion of guilt, but merely a routine precaution to give school officials the opportunity to get to the bottom of the concerns.

We talked to Ackerman and he says at this point the investigation continues, as they attempt to find out what happened and what did not. He says it’s a “messy situation,” and social media is not helping.

Ackerman says that they are asking parents to come forward with any information about their preschool student(s) that may help the investigators.

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