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Iowa Slow Down/Move Over Law Has Been Expanded

Northwest Iowa — For several years Iowa has had a law requiring motorists to slow down, and/or move over when passing an emergency vehicle with it’s lights flashing, and stopped along the side of the roadway.

Iowa’s Slow Down/Move Over law was expanded, beginning July 1st, to include service and utility trucks.  Adam Jacobi is a spokesman for MidAmerican Energy, and he tells us more.

Jacobi says, often utility workers have fewer safety concerns about the high-voltage lines they’re working on, than about the traffic that’s passing below them.

He says that, as part of an awareness campaign about the new law, there is a website where you can learn more, and sign a pledge to slow down/move over when coming upon flashing yellow or white lights on a utility service vehicle.

Monday was National Line Worker Appreciation Day, and to celebrate, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation urging Iowans to abide by the new law.

During the signing ceremony, Governor Reynolds and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg each signed the Slow Down/Move Over Pledge.

Motorists who fail to slow down or move over when passing a utility vehicle now — because of the new law — can be fined or, in extreme cases, can lose their drivers license. Since 2002, Iowa law has required motorists to keep a reasonable distance when passing emergency vehicles like police squad cars, fire trucks and ambulances, and the new law adds service vehicles to that list.

To sign the pledge to Slow Down/Move Over, visit

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