Iowa State Patrol & State Farm Bring Distracted Driving Simulator To Sheldon High School

simulatorSheldon, Iowa — A program designed to demonstrate to teens the dangers of distracted driving made an appearance at Sheldon High School Friday (October 14th) morning.

Troopers from the Iowa State Patrol, along with Melissa Remme of State Farm Insurance, brought a Distracted Driving Simulator to the high school commons to let students see, first hand, how dangerous distracted driving can be.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz says the simulator does a great job of demonstrating the problems that can arise when a driver is distracted.

Kurtz said he found it exciting that so many Sheldon High School teens were either operating the simulator, or watching their friends operate it.

Kurtz was quick to commend State Farm Insurance for purchasing the simulators, which he tells KIWA cost about $8-thousand each.

State Farm Agent Melissa Remme of Sheldon was also on hand at the high school this morning, and she tells KIWA that the simulators were purchased about 3 years ago.

Remme says there is technology that allows the students to use their cell phones in the simulator, so they can see, first-hand, how it affects their driving.

Most often when we think of distracted driving we think of texting.  And while that is a large part, Remme says there are many other distractions, as well.

Following the Distracted Driving Simulator exercise, Trooper Kurtz conducted an All-School Assembly on the subject of distracted driving.  As part of his message, Trooper Kurtz says he shared a pair of very powerful videos with the students.  Those videos, “Summer Break”, and “The Unseen” can be viewed below.

Please pay attention to the road whenever you’re behind the wheel.

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