ISP Trooper Talks About Unmarked Police Vehicles

Date posted - May 10, 2013

Iowa State Patrol logoUnmarked police cars serve a variety of functions for law enforcement.  From undercover work, to traffic enforcement, unmarked police vehicles seem to be becoming more prevalent.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz tells us that, while the Iowa State Patrol does utilize unmarked patrol vehicles, they are moving toward having more of their vehicles marked.

Kurtz acknowledges that sometimes people are hesitant to pull over for unmarked cars, for fear that it’s someone impersonating a law enforcement officer.  He says that, while the vast majority of these cars are legitimate, there are measures you can take to protect yourself if you’re not sure.

And in case you were wondering, Kurtz says that all law enforcement officers in Iowa are State-Certified Officers, and therefore have legal powers of arrest anywhere in the state.

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8 Responses to “ISP Trooper Talks About Unmarked Police Vehicles”

  1. Matt Roozing says:

    Unmarked cars should be illegal they’re too sneeky

    • llw says:

      Umm…thats the point! Follow the law and you have nothing to worry about. :)

      • Juicey Bananas says:

        I’d like to hear your whining when your turn comes around on the wheel of doom and civil rights violations. When your turn comes I’m sure the world will be awestruck by the troopers false allegations and illegal actions against you. The world will believe you over trooper having a bad day. You must live in fantasy land.

  2. Juicey Bananas says:

    Another attempt by law enforcement to prove were all guilty until proven innocent in a corrupt 3rd district court.Why are we paying for vehicles to respond to accidents and the like when they look like your average vehicle on the road and we the citizens are non the wiser and criminal and traffic tickets await for us the taxpayers while we don’t recognize whats going on in an emergency situation. I don’t like to see our tax dollars wasted on the states witch hunts that only suck innocent taxpayers into their due prosess.

  3. Matty Noslo says:

    If its unmarked don’t pull over until in place of security camera like gas station, or somewhere where there are people to see it, because there have been imitators out there pulling girls over acting as cops then raping them or they steel your money. Pretty sure there is a law that allows you to not pull over until you feel you are in a safe area, just keep going driving normal do not speed or show that you are trying to elude, and the cop should understand you are just going to a safe place to pull over. do the research and see for yourself. God Bless and Stay Safe in Lyin County, IA

  4. Stopping for these unmarked vehicles is a mistake without first verifying its authenticity. However, one would be wise to make a record of why you are not immediately stopping. And that problem is solved with a simple call to 911. Get your intentions recorded on their system. If you have a camera phone, get it out and turn it on. Record the entire incident. And finally, when you do stop, make sure the officer can see your hands. I like to put one hand on the top of the steering wheel, and the other hand out the window. If its dark out, turn on your interior lights. Dont reach for your license, registration, or insurance until he asks you to. Cops are like stray dogs, if they sense danger, they act like animals. It doesnt matter how you respond, if they are scared, they will do whatever they can to hurt you enough that you are no longer a threat.

    Be safe out there Iowans. We are getting close to reaching the 50% mark of good v bad cops. Dont let one get you.

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