ISU: Soybeans Becoming Less Resistant To Destructive Insect

Ames, Iowa (Radio Iowa) — Soybeans that are genetically-bred to resist a certain type of destructive pest are becoming less effective, according to an Iowa State University nematologist. 

Greg Tylka says the threat is growing to one of Iowa’s top crops from what’s known as the soybean cyst nematode, or SCN.

Tylka says the same thing is happening with soybeans and the insect. He says the less effective resistance is becoming an alarming trend that’s not expected to improve.

Most of Iowa’s counties are seeing a very dry year, so damage from the SCN will be even more apparent.

Tylka hopes that will buy enough time for companies to bring to market soybean varieties with other sources of resistance. SCN has infested 70-percent of Iowa’s soybean fields.

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