It’s Almost Girl Scout Cookie Time

Sheldon, Iowa — It’s time to feed your craving and donate to the Girl Scouts all at the same time.

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa is kicking off their 2018 Girl Scout Cookie season soon, according to Girl Scout Leader Cindy Talsma of Sheldon.

She says there are also a couple of contests. One contest is for the girls who sell the cookies. The other one is for the people that buy the cookies.

New Year’s resolutions or dietary restrictions keeping you away from cookies? No problem! Talsma says customers can donate to the Girl Scouts and another charity.

She says there are several ways to get cookies. Girl Scouts can set up a digital cookie account online and email their friends and family, who can buy cookies with a credit or debit card, and the customers would then get the cookies shipped to them from the warehouse. People can also buy cookies when the girls come door-to-door for your order. In that case, customers prepay, and the orders are delivered a week later, says Talsma. She says that they will also come door-to-door when they have inventory on hand, and you can get your cookies immediately. She says the truck will come around February 3rd, and the girls will start selling those shortly thereafter.

Talsma says they’ll also be selling cookies at cookie booths at Sheldon’s Fareway and Hy-Vee stores.

She says if you can’t make it to the stores and no one comes to sell you Girl Scout Cookies, you can call her.

Again, cookies will be available to order by February 1st, and the sales will run through March 18th. You can call Talsma for more information at 712-348-1969.

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