It’s February. Kept Your New Year’s Resolutions?

exerciseNorthwest Iowa — Did you make New Year’s Resolutions for 2016?  Many northwest Iowans did, but most of us find it hard to keep them.

One of the most common resolutions is to get fit and lose weight, and an Iowa State University study is looking at ways to help you stick to the weight loss plan. I-S-U psychology professor Alison Phillips says having what she calls an “instigation cue” can light the spark that prompts you to succeed at developing good exercise habits.

The I-S-U study, published in the journal Health Psychology, finds that these cues can push you to get moving and may help to increase frequency, more so than the type of activity. She’s still researching the best way for anyone to create an effective cue for themselves.

If you have a schedule that changes from day to day, it’s important to pick a cue that’ll work for your lifestyle.

If you pick a type of exercise you enjoy, whether it’s swimming, walking outside or playing racquetball, if you find something you like, you’ll be more likely to latch on to it for the long haul.

Phillip says if you’re exercising for long-term health benefits, exercise must be a life-long behavior, as it’s not a temporary fix.

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