IUB Issues Dakota Access Permit

IUB LogoDes Moines, Iowa – The Iowa Utilities Board has found that Dakota Access has substantially complied with the requirements of the Board’s March 10, 2016, order and has issued a hazardous liquid pipeline permit to Dakota Access for the construction of a pipeline that would transport Bakken crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois, passing through portions of Lyon, Sioux and O’Brien counties here in northwest Iowa.

However, according to the IUB, Dakota Access has made certain commitments that must be completed before construction can commence. Consistent with the company’s own commitments, construction may not commence until certain documents are filed with the Iowa Utilities Board. Dakota Access has committed to filing with the Board permits and approval documents from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Iowa Department of Natural Resources prior to commencing construction. The company has also committed to file final versions of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and Unanticipated Discovery Plan prior to beginning construction according to the IUB.

In Friday’s order, the Board reviewed the compliance filings and the comments filed by the parties that were required in the Board’s March 10, 2016, order. As described in that order, the compliance filings are required in order to support and sustain the Board’s finding that the proposed pipeline will promote the public convenience and necessity, as required by Iowa law.

Friday’s Board order is available on the Board’s web site at,  All documents in this case are found in the Board’s Electronic Filing System at

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