July Temps & Precip Near Normal

thermometer on tree 101 degrees FSheldon, Iowa — Other parts of Iowa got nearly four more inches of rain than normal during July.  Here in northwest Iowa, not so much.

In Sheldon during July of this year, we received 3.47 inches of precipitation, that’s 12-hundredths of an inch above he normal of 3.35 inches.  State Climatologist Harry Hillaker talks about the statewide average rainfall for the month.

Despite having a few scorcher days during July, the average high temperature in Sheldon was 82 degrees, which is three degrees cooler than the average normal high temp of 85 degrees.  Sheldon’s average low temperature in July was 60 degrees, which is just one degree cooler than the average normal low of 61 degrees.

Speaking of the scorcher days we had in Sheldon last month, they were nothing when compared to the warmest July day on record.  On July 4, 1936, the mercury in Sheldon topped out at a blistering 110 degrees.  In fact, July, 1936 was an almost unbearably hot month in Sheldon, with temperatures surpassing the century mark 11 days during that month.  And while we take it for granted, in 1936 for the most part, area people suffered through those temperatures without the benefit of air conditioning.

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