Justice For All To Build House For Fundraiser

Sheldon, Iowa — In a recent Sheldon City Council story, we told you that Justice For All had purchased a lot in Sheldon’s Sunshine Addition.
The lot is the last remaining lot in the Sunshine Addition an the last lot offered by the city for only one dollar, with some stipulations.

We talked to Joe Vander Zee from Justice For All, who tells us that they plan to build a home on the lot as a fund raiser.

Vander Zee says they aren’t looking to build a low-income home or a Habitat For Humanity home, even though they do work with Habitat For Humanity on other projects. He says this home will be just like any other home in the subdivision, with the only difference being that some of the labor and/or the materials will be donated. But the home will be for sale for the regular market price, which is how the funds are raised for Justice For All.

Vander Zee says Justice For All is a nonprofit organization with the goal of a world without poverty and prejudice, where God’s people live with dignity and hope. He says they try to do this by providing opportunities, building relationships, and redistributing resources through caring and sharing in Christ’s name.

Vander Zee says if you are a contractor looking to donate time or materials, just give them a call at 712-476-2804. He says after they get the house built, they’ll list it in the local real estate listings, so you should be able to purchase the house through a real estate agent.

To find out more about Justice For All, click here.

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